Dissemination of

Terms broadcast

1. Acceptance of terms of dissemination

1.1 Dissemination of an ad (hereinafter “Announcement”) posted on the website www.africtroc.com edited by TECACOM Sarl implies for the advertiser, the unconditional acceptance of these terms of dissemination to the express exclusion of all other terms or otherwise co-contractors TECACOM inserted in their disclosure documents, letters, contracts, etc .., received or receivable and all professional uses otherwise provided herein, which conditions and uses will be considered unenforceable against TECACOM.

1.2 Any addition, deletion, modification or deletion that would be paid to these must, to be effective against TECACOM be countersigned by one.

1.3 The fact that TECACOM does not prevail at a given moment of any provision of these terms and conditions of diffusion can not be interpreted as a waiver to invoke it later.

2. Dissemination

2.1 The advertiser acknowledges being the sole and exclusive author of the Announcement of the text. Otherwise, he says have all necessary rights and permissions to the publication of the advert.

2.2 The announcement is distributed under the exclusive responsibility of the advertiser.

2.3 The advertiser certifies that the announcement is in accordance with all legal and regulatory provisions and respects the rights of others. As a result, the advertiser falls TECACOM, subcontractors and suppliers from any liability, and guarantees against all convictions, legal fees, resulting from any claim in connection with the distribution of the ad and compensates for any damage resulting from violation of this provision.

2.4 Without prejudice to the application of the preceding clause, and without creating bear an obligation to check the content, accuracy or consistency of the Announcement, TECACOM reserves the right to refuse at any time an Ad for any legitimate reason, including text elements (words, phrases, sentences … etc ..), which it would seem contrary to law or regulation, morality, the spirit of the publication, or likely to disturb or shock the readers. Such a refusal does not create for the benefit of the advertiser any right to compensation.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1 Unless fraud or gross negligence, TECACOM Sarl, subcontractors and suppliers will be required in any case to compensation, monetary or in kind, made the error or omissions in the composition or the translation of an announcement, or publication of any kind of fault whatsoever. In particular, such events may in no case be eligible for compensation in any form whatsoever.

3.2 Neither the advertiser, on the one hand, nor TECACOM, subcontractors or suppliers, on the other hand, can not be held liable for any delays, non-performance or other failure to perform its obligations hereunder that (1 ) would result, directly or indirectly, of an event beyond its reasonable control, and (2) could not have been avoided by using precautionary measures, alternatives or other commercially reasonable means.

3.3 Neither the advertiser, on the one hand, nor TECACOM, subcontractors or suppliers, on the other hand, can not be held responsible for delays or failures to fulfill its contractual obligations related to the destruction of equipment, attacks or computer hacking, deprivation, removal or prohibition, temporary or permanent, and for any reason whatsoever – including failures or outages inherent in hosting servers – access to Internet.

3.4 TECACOM reserves the right to suspend or stop the spread of the site www.africtroc.com without being required to pay the seller compensation of any kind whatsoever.

3.5 Any complaint to be admissible, must be sent by letter, fax or email, within forty-eight (48) hours after the release date on www.africtroc.com.

4. Jurisdiction – Applicable Law

4.1 Any disputes that may arise in connection with the interpretation, acceptance and implementation of these regardless of the place of subscription, or settlement, will be a settlement attempt that the parties undertake to seek. Failing to do so within three (3) months, Douala courts will have jurisdiction even in cases of appeal or multiple defendants, for emergency procedures or conservatory, or in chambers query.

4.2 These terms and conditions are subject to the Cameroonian law.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 The trademarks and logos and africtroc.com tecacom.com deposited by TECACOM Sarl. Without the agreement of the latter, any reproduction or use is strictly prohibited.